Town Clerk's Report 17.2.20

Town Clerk Report; Full Town Council meeting on 17 February 2020.

  1. We arranged three dates with the Volunteer Team at the University of Essex to assist with projects. Unfortunately, the skate park painting had be cancelled due to bad weather but will be rearranged. The sensory garden will be cleared on 22 February and there is a litter pick on 15 March- please let me know if you want to help.
  1. Sgt Simon Tattersall will be coming to the March FTC meeting.
  1. We have provided David Bridle Web designer with the headers and material we need on the new website. I’m hopeful that this will be launched by April.
  1. Justin Smith gave a presentation on 29 January about funding streams/grant funding. I have circulated material from him including a project template. I also circulated material from a company called Maverick who are working with Harwich on their new skate park They think that the minimum spend should be £150k and provided some examples. I’m happy to work on this after the VE day event.
  1. I met with Ben Stonehouse, Cinex on 14 February. The company put on outdoor cinema events. Good news is that because any funds raised can go to the Mayor’s fund we can be treated like a charity so there is no upfront cost. The company arrange everything – food, drinks, lighting, seating if we want it, ticketing, promotional material- all we do is advertise. Ticket prices would be approx. £12 to cover costs and we would need to sell 250 tickets approx. I suggested that we start with a family friendly film first and don’t sell alcohol. For an event in August he said we could start marketing in June. Possible dates to follow.
  1. I have worked with the staff on a 12-month plan. We plan to hold another event like the one held in December with the volunteers, probably in early June.